Take Quinton before and during pregnancy to aid conception and give your baby all the vitamins and minerals they need to be strong and healthy right from the start 

For over 100 years Quinton has been used to treat prenatal women and newborn babies with nearly 100% success, helping with fertility and delivering healthy babies.

René Quinton was revolutionary in his approach to treating infertility, pregnant women, mothers and children. In the course of successfully helping many thousands of babies, Quinton discovered that many pregnant women were losing babies prematurely or were having babies who were born with health problems.  Many expectant mothers had health issues themselves.  Frequently, these weak babies died very young or grew into sickly children and adults. 

Quinton realised that the basis of our future health is established when we are developing embryos and babies in utero

He began giving Quinton Isotonic to pregnant women with a history of problems during pregnancy and birth, with stillbirths and sickly children.  Quinton discovered that the development of the foetus in utero was normal with Quinton therapy even if there were ongoing issues such as alcoholism and concurrent illnesses such as Tuberculosis in the mother. Women treated with Quinton Isotonic during pregnancy achieved 100% normal births.  Quinton's contemporary Doctors followed many of these children for many years and found that they not only survived well but lead very healthy lives into adulthood. 

Increasing Fertility

Fertility is maximal and conception optimised by having as healthy a body as possible for both parents. Quinton has been an instrumental part of the regime used by couples who have previously struggled to conceive. Taking a programme of drinking Quinton on a daily basis for at least 3 months can imorove the health of developing eggs and sperm that increases the chances of a successful conception.   

During Pregnancy

Mothers-to-be (especially pregnant mothers who have experienced pregnancy previously without Quinton) have reported that Quinton has made them feel more healthy and more energised throughout their pregnancy.

Your developing baby is taking lots of nutrients and trace elements from your body when it grows.  Quinton will replace these and help your baby develop whilst keeping you healthy too!

Taking Quinton Isotonic every day right up until your baby is born is perfectly safe and can even improve strength and stamina for the birth itself.  Following the birth Quinton Hypertonic will rapidly replace vital minerals that have been lost, help you regain energy and also provide you with everything you and your baby needs if you are breastfeeding. Another great way for your baby to still receive Quinton!

Using Quinton for Children with Autism

We are getting exciting new feedback from parents of children who have used Quinton supplements for children with Autism.  Health practitioners are now recommending using Quinton before and alongside CEASE therapy.  There have been reports of significant health improvements soon after starting taking Quinton.  The recommended regime for these children is 1 x ampoule of Isotonic in the morning and another in the evening on an empty stomach.

Paediatric Case Study

René Quinton documented his extensive clinical research along with providing photographs of his patients.

The following photographs are before and after pictures of a newborn baby with enteritis resulting in continuous loss of weight while hospitalised for 45 days. 
In the first photo at 3 months 26 days, the baby's weight is 2kg 650g.


  Injections of Quinton Isotonic plasma  started at 30ml then 50ml three times a week with a total of about 500ml given. As soon as Quinton's therapy began, the girl started to eat 12 meals a day of 60 - 140g of pure milk per meal from 3 months 26 days to 6 months 7 days. 

In the second photo aged 6 months 5 days, her weight had increased to 5kg 290g. Her weight doubled in the first 2 months and 10 days of treatment. Having regained her normal weight the girl continued to develop normally.

For the last 20+ years, research has shown that drinking Quinton marine plasma is just as effective as the historical use of injections to establish and maintain a healthy mineral balance. There are published articles available in this area of René Quinton's research which can be found on our website.

According to a recent study, Seawater helps in the treatment of female infertility


The results show its effectiveness as an adjunct in the treatment of women with fertility disorders

Madrid, March 6, 2012 . Include Quinton Seawater in female infertility treatment may contribute to a significant reduction in treatment times, achieving pregnancy in a shorter period, with a consequent saving of physical and psychological suffering for women. Data obtained from the Study of the effectiveness of Quinton Seawater, as an adjunct in the treatment of infertility " *, prepared by independent physicians in collaboration with Quinton Laboratories.

Infertility is a problem that is increasingly becoming more important in developed societies because, every day more, people who suffer from it, and may even become a medico-social problem of the first magnitude. It is estimated that in industrialized countries, approximately 16% of couples may struggle to gestate. Consequently, they have increased the number of resources and care centers for people with this problem.

Study of the effectiveness of Quinton Seawater, as an adjunct in the treatment of infertility

The study, conducted from November 2006 until June 2011, looked at 40 women aged 30 to 41 years who had fertility problems. They were divided into four experimental groups, being treated with assisted reproductive therapies, Chinese medicine techniques and Seawater intake Quinton groups combined.

After analyzing the results, the main conclusion was that the use Seawater in combination therapy is effective in achieving pregnancies in women with fertility disorders. Furthermore, ingestion of Quinton Seawater significantly reduced processing times, being both Quinton Isotonic as Quinton Hypertonic equally effective in reducing the treatment periods.

To understand these positive results, you have to analyze what are the therapeutic properties of Sea Water These are known from the very dawn of civilization, but recent studies in Asia and Europe have proven its properties in disorders such as dermatitis and other skin diseases, blood pressure disorders, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis, among others. Its action is due to the contribution of an important mineral and bioenergetic influences of biological, environmental themselves where appropriate.

According to Juan Alberola, Pharmaceutical Laboratory Manager Quinton : " The Seawater contains every mineral needed for the proper functioning and regeneration of our cells, and by ion bioavailability of its elements, get up any mineral deficiency. "

* Study of the effectiveness of Quinton Seawater, as an adjunct in the treatment of infertility.

Dr. Silvio E. Veitía Mora (Ph.D)

M. Sc Alfredo Tito Santana. Former Head of the Department of Medicine, Medical University of Villa Clara, Cuba. Researcher and Professor. Professor of Medical Biostatistics, Medical University of Villa Clara, Cuba.


Why feel ill during pregnancy when Quinton can naturally make you feel great?

“I took Quinton every day throughout my second pregnancy and have never been so healthy.  My perfect baby daughter is a complete joy who takes Quinton every day with me and has never been to visit the doctor once”

Gillian Livock, Wiltshire

Using Quinton with Autistic children ...

"We start children with autism on the QuintonIsotonic and we have them take one vial in the morning and one vial in the evening – both on an empty stomach for two weeks. This does such a phenomenal job in rebalancing minerals that we receive phone calls stating how much children have improved! Long-term, these minerals support the biological terrain, which is the space in between cells where most of our body functions are either carried out or supported. This means improved cellular nutrition, detoxification, natural re-hydration, immune system support and intestinal support."

Sima Ash, CHom
CEASE Certified Practitioner